The best adjective that would describe me is clueless. I don’t know why we humans live on this planet , why we have to achieve something in life , what’s going to happen if we achieve something in life …. the list is endless. I mean , think about it. Just why is there a need to exist and what purpose do we serve? Our parents bring us up, teach us good manners and hope we get into good schools and colleges. For what?

We don’t know if god exists , but most of us believe that there is one. We don’t know why we exist but we do our best to make the period of our existence a good one. We’re basically just living life blindly!

I made up my own theory just the other day . My theory was that what if the world was just a maze, like the one in The Maze Runner, that we humans had to get out of? The babies are the greenies and the astronauts are the runners, trying to find a way out of this maze.(and I wish I’d be Newt) .Gosh , I feel so stupid to have thought about it , but hey, it COULD be possible. But darn it, everyone seems to believe in Darwin’s theory!

This question of why we exist has probably crossed the minds of all people. In fact , I spend most of my time doing only this. Then suddenly , I find myself snapping out of the trance, realising that I’ve got loads of homework to complete. Then, I go back to thinking why I’d have to do this homework , get good grades , and do something in life. I’m back in the trance again!

Ah. This world is really complicated . Ours could be a universe within another , there could be other living organisms existing in this  world , the possibilities are endless! But , I don’t think anything could be as complicated as the movie “Interstellar”. I’ve probably watched that movie a thousand times , and I still don’t get one bit. TIME IS A PHYSICAL DIMENSION???SINCE WHEN??!! I don’t think any movie has gotten me all cracked up as much as this one.

I just wish that I’d be able to understand this world and her mysterious ways. Understanding that could help me understand “Interstellar” better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  1. Wow, I really like every line in this post. The train of thought and the curious mind which I believe is the first step to a fulfilled life.

    I remember when I started asking all the right questions and saying enough to the blind maze run. The last push driven by a deep desire for understanding.

    Its been 3 years, I’ve learned a lot since then that led me to starting a blog early this year. The accumulation of the knowledge and acting on it has transformed many aspects of my life such as getting rid of limiting beliefs and developing those that work for me, pushing and testing my limits, being present and connecting with nature, source and higher self in a way. The funny thing about this is the more you learn the more you know that you don’t know which as the Socrates described is the measure of true knowledge and acting on knowledge is the key to freedom.

    I had similar questions and found answers to most, a short cut to understanding the universe is by traveling within. Temet Nosce. It’ll guide you.

    There is a power where everything else stem from, given many names to try describe, we are a part of it and everything is; this is the first law of the universe. About who we are, study more on spirit, you’ll learn that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences and our purpose is to be the truest, fullest versions of ourselves. How? By learning and being masters of energy. The world and universe is made of energy and matter but ideally everything is energy when you learn this you master the states and dimensions – realise kesho, satori, Samadhi. You differentiate yourself from your body and know the incarnate soul from the higher soul. But most important is the knowing; brings meaning, peace and beauty to your life.

    I like how you relate the messages and information in movies to your learning and articles, from Harry potter, to maze run and now interstellar. In interstellar, their main focus was on the concept of time. Time is constant, it doesn’t move. We exists in the same time in all dimensions. Being and classifying things somehow negates it, and the perception of it. What happens is we are the ones who move in time, we grow, advance and repeat the cycle within the same time. That’s why the daughter in the room could get those weird feelings- the father trying to warn her. While the father was still on earth before the mission, years later after the mission etc and them jumping from one point to another on the ship in space meant them aging tremendously while on earth it was just a few years, this also showing how dense the 3D reality is and why we struggle to manipulate energy.

    I can possibly share a lot more, let me know what specific areas you’d want more info on.

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    1. Your comments never cease to amaze me. This comment alone has been jam-packed with more information and content than any of my posts!

      Ever since I was little, I’ve spent more time thinking “Why? Why do I have to do this? What am I here for?” , desperately in need of some understanding of the world. The more I thought about it, the more frustrating it got. You have given me more clarity on life than anything else has.

      How rightly put. The more we learn, the more we know that we don’t know. People have their own theories on how life started, but the truth is that none of us really know.
      I googled Temet Nosce, I have never heard of it before. You’re right, knowing and understanding who I am will surely help me understand the Why to everything.

      I surely will study more on spirit. I agree, the entire universe and everything in it is energy. But what is the need for the existence of a Universe in the first place?

      I can relate mostly only to movies and books as I have very less experience in life.
      “Time is constant, it doesn’t move”. I’ve never looked at it that way. This is going to have me thinking for years together ! It explains what happened in the daughter’s room perfectly.

      I wrote this post when I was 15 years old. It has been the post I’m most embarrassed of. I’ve thought about deleting it many times, thinking it was too silly. I’m glad now, that I haven’t- or else, I wouldn’t have been able to get some answers to questions that boggled my mind throughout my life.

      I cannot emphasize how thankful I am to you for giving me the clarity that I’ve always wanted and for taking the time to do it.

      ~ a spiritual being having human experiences who promises to fulfill her purpose to be the truest, fullest versions of herself.

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      1. Welcome.

        I came across the words Temet Nosce in the matrix trilogy and became curious about the deeper meaning as I was with the movies. I felt that they had deeper hidden meaning that we may brush off as just fiction but I know that these days truth maybe stranger than fiction. Means know yourself because only by knowing yourself can you understand the world and universe. While on this I came across the statement that the world is born in us, not us born into the world and the two are related.

        To answer you question on why the universe exists, and note this is just an opinion and opinions can be wrong on many degrees depending on context. From the book Convoluted Universe by the late Dolores Cannon, she says we manifest on this dimension to learn, experience and grow then take this experience to source and with it source can create more. For you to understand this concept you must have a basic knowledge on the Universal laws especially the first one, Everything is one. You are a part of the source just like the cells of your body are a part of you and everything is connected to everything. The source experiences everything you experience as you and you communicate your experience through your emotions. This is why your dominant emotions become your reality because there’s an intelligence which acts on it and brings what you emote to the physical. Emotions are energy in motion. Everything is energy, just observe what action you are applying to the energy.

        I don’t think anyone can exhaust understanding the universe or consciousness because of the infinite nature of the concepts but you can atleast learn the underlying basic concept.

        To understand spirit better. Look and learn at how you came into this earth. Yes, there was the normal reproduction process but where did that tiny spec get all your information from the color of your eyes, hair, your height to dna structure because if you zoom it, it’s usually empty- (spirit).

        Then it’s good to understand that the universe is expanding and so are we. Both physically and mentally. That’s why we are not the size were when born and also in state of mind. This is a self repeating process and itsautomatic just like the fractals. Also connects with the oneness, if you closely examine your body, you’ll realise your growth is from eating over the years, the food you’ve been eating is from earth, hence by extension you/we are earth or one with it and it goes further (to the elements and then back to the sun) Sun or light is energy and the food, air and water consumed is all energy etc

        I’m glad you didn’t delete, they are very informed questions for a 15yr old. I agree, understanding or getting answers to many of this questions bring a lot of clarity and a sense of purpose. Maybe some points may not be very clear since I’ve really summarized but I think they communicate.

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        1. This has me speechless. The world is born in us. We aren’t born into the world. I have never,ever heard anyone say that. How introspective.

          In reality, we have no proofs for matters such as these. All that we have is believable theories that get our mind thinking, “Have I been wrong all along?” Cannon’s theory has gotten me making up more theories to what could be the truth. Sometimes, I feel like someone is messing around with us, not letting us know the why and how to everything around us, wanting us to find out on our own.

          Yes, the underlying concept is what I am trying to learn.

          You have given me a lot to think about. I am guessing you have gained all this knowledge by reading books. So, I am going to visit your site and read all of your recommended books to be as informed as you.

          Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the world to me to the best of your capability. It has given me hope that I might one day get the answers (even if partially) to the questions I have.

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  2. Nice thought Shreya. I just wanted to see how different people are having different opinion about our existence of life in this world. And made it crystal clear that once we understand our lives it is not as complicated. Great one though.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I agree with what kinge wrote above. Putting this question into the universe might lead you on a spiritual path of “know yourself”.

    I, too , am struggling with this question of why we are here. During my search, I have read many books during the past 14 years (and also had many interesting and a bit paranormal experiences).
    But I still cannot answer that question of why we are here. What I have found is that the opinions in the books differ.

    Some say that earth is the result of an error – the thought of separation which was taken seriously and the feeling of guilt and fear that followed. Earth and incarnation was basically a hiding place from God because of the guilt (A Course in Miracles (ACIM); The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard).

    Some say that this realm was designed as a vacation space, but spirits incarnated here and then got distracted and lost. They forgot who they were. And now they have to keep returning over and over.

    Some say that this material plane was designed as a place where the thoughts don’t manifest instantly ( – as opposed to the non-material dimension where thoughts do manifest immeadiately). Sort of as a buffer for spirits who are constantly in a bad mood so that they don’t always immediatley get the result of the bad thoughts thrown back at them.

    Some say that this dimension is like a school. We incarnate here and learn things. And when we have learned enough, we don’t have to incarnate anymore. This (about half-hour) video by Jurgen Ziewe gives some explanation on this. He is an out-of-body traveler.
    Afterlife answers – part 4

    The Ascension papers (book 1) by Zingdad also give an interesting explanation of how this realm originated.

    I wish you all the best for your journey.

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    1. Sorry, I did not mean to post the youtube video no 17 by Jurgen Ziewe.
      I meant no 4.
      I don’t know what happened to the link.

      But one can access the playlist of uploaded videos in the upper right corner and scroll down to video no 4.

      Basically, he says that we reincarnate because we want to work out issues which can only be worked out in the physical dimension.

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      1. I will surely check this video out.

        That is a very plausible theory. But the thing with life is that the more answers we find, the more questions we get. For example, let’s say this theory is correct. Then, what “issues” would our spirits want to work out? Why spirits in the first place at all?

        As fascinating as it is to think about this, it’s pretty nerve-wracking. The more I know, I realise I know lesser. It’s crazy.

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        1. I agree that more and more questions keep popping up. And my journey seemed to me like going down a rabbit hole for a long time.

          But I have also found that when I had a new question, then I would synchronistically find the next blogpost or the next book which would contain answers. There were coincidences that seemed to strange to be just random. It seemed to be like an invisible guiding hand was providing answers.

          For example, when I had the question why there is challenge and trouble in my life and how can I make peace with that, then I found the books Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz. They contained stories of people who had planned their lives before birth. And why they had chosen difficult circumstances (like addiction, being adopted, going through abortion and more). I was impressed by that. I still don’t know why I planned my own challenges. But this book gave me some comfort that it may be good for something.
          I mention this because you wrote “what β€œissues” would our spirits want to work out?”


    2. Wow ! These theories give such an in depth insight to our existence. Thank you so,so much for sharing them. It feels amazing to find people who like me, are searching for answers.

      I’ve never thought of it that way. That we could be the result of an error. I’ve never thought of it any of the ways you’ve mentioned, in fact! This sure is going to feed my thoughts for years together.

      I”ll look up every theory.

      Thanks for taking the initiative to read and comment πŸ˜€ ❀

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