One of the toughest things to do,you ask me? I’ve got one word for you – blogging.

You sit in front of the laptop to write a blog, and that’s it. You keep sitting until you realise that the ideas that promised you they would come, aren’t coming. You go back to thinking what a terrible blogger you are. You decide to give up blogging as a whole. You bang your head on anything that you see and keep telling yourself “I have a brain. I get ideas. I’m not useless.”(Whaatt? Me?! No, I haven’t done any of this..)

And then.. you decide to do what you ought to have decided a decade ago. Just go to the toilet and the ideas will come. DUH! Who doesn’t know that? The toilet has always been my Hogwarts <3, an absolutely magical place

Just like you thought, the ideas that didn’t come outside , miraculously start appearing in your mind when in the toilet. And BAM! It suddenly strikes you . Why don’t you just write a blog about how you aren’t able to write one?

P.S For those of you who are thinking that this is about me someone, it isn’t.

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  1. Hello from Dubai. Your posts are interesting and enjoyed reading this. Hahahhaa toilets and ideas , couldn’t agree more. I am glad I came across your blog. I just hit the follow button.

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