The Diary of the Coronavirus

Note: I do not mean for this to spread any negativity. I just hope all of us understand the gravity of the situation and that we aren't heading paradise if we continue with our "human" ways.

She came to me with ashen hands. “Help.” she cried.

“What have they done now?” I asked, with a frown on my face.

“Look at me. I’m dying. I won’t last any longer if they keep going like this. I gave them all the chances in the world. Their doings made me sick, and they had the audacity to call it “global warming”. How is it a fever when they get it, but a mere warming when I get it? I thought they’d realise that I can get ill, just like they do, but no. They sent around videos and made posters for a few years, and then totally forgot about me. “

“I understand your situation. Why don’t you go ahead and wipe yourself out and start over, just like you did with the dinosaurs and every other being that you created, that didn’t support you, Earth? These humans have been nothing but terrible to you”

“I can’t do that, Corona. You know I can’t, for several reasons. The humans are the creation I’m most proud of. In all the 4.5 billion years of my life, they are the only beings that have such advanced ability to think.”

“Clearly, they have no brains.” I said, irritably. “I have been offering to help you for over a millennia. You keep refusing saying you want to give them another chance.”

“That’s why I’m here, Corona. To finally ask your help. I’ve run out of options. I can’t wipe myself out like the previous times because now, only the humans are a problem, the other creatures are innocent.”

“Finally!” I exclaimed. “Finally you’re doing what you should have done years ago!”

“I wasn’t finished” she continued. “I don’t want you to wipe them out. They ought to have a final chance.”

“Not again, Earth! How many chances will you give them?”

She buried her face in her hands. “I can’t help it, Corona. When I look at them, I…. I see my children. ”

I could see the lump forming in her throat. This was really hard for her.
“Okay.” I said. “I promise I’ll only hurt them enough to make them realise their mistakes and change themselves for the better. For their Mother’s better.”

Here I am now, six months later, afraid I might not be able to complete my mission.

They have no respect or fear towards me. They’re making memes about me! I understand it is important for them to keep their spirits high and have a good laugh in these desperate times, but their nonchalant attitude is getting on my nerves. If they don’t straighten up and realize where they’re headed, I can swear I will break the deal I made with Earth.

Many of them are venturing outside . I directly address you “brave” humans. There is one simple rule. Stay home. If you aren’t disciplined enough to follow one rule, how are you going to take care of Earth?

Realisation is kicking in, but slowly.

This is a message written by one of the humans.

Penning this, while locked at home, I realise more than ever that the grocery store in the corner of our street is our lone saviour. The only bell that rings, is from the gentleman walking all the way from that store to deliver our provisions for the next few days. In the corner of the room is my dusty wallet, plump and full, with the card peeping out eager to be swiped, meriting the same attention as in the past.

The COVID situation may have forced social distancing but certainly has brought societies together. The next visit to a hospital, we will pay our respects to the doctor before the fees, home delivery persons will be tipped heartily, policemen will be saluted…

In a few weeks, malls,theatres.. will open and life will return back , but I hope to a new normal.

I wait for the bell to ring, realising fully that what matters most is the next meal.

It’s fair to say that a part of my mission is going well. Many have realised that their “normal” was precisely the problem. They are ready to change.

I will be gone soon enough. And if they continue with their old insouciant ways, I will be back, much,much bigger.

If they don’t want that to happen, they’re going to have to give their lives a major makeover.

Earth has never had an attachment to any of her beings as much as she has with these humans. What I see in her is more than attachment, actually. She believes they’re capable of change; and she has never been wrong.

All that’s needed now, is for humans to believe it themselves.

(The “message written by one of the humans” was written by none other than my dad. I loved it and asked if I could include it in my post) 🙂

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  1. This is the best blog you’ve written so far, I loved reading every word of it. (special appreciation to your dad as well, I didn’t know he writes this good!)

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  2. This is SO good I promise.😯😯😯We read soo much about the virus everyday, and tons of articles but none of them give such a clear and alternate perspective. That, we are the destruction ultimately🥺
    I loved this a lot, I’d like to share it to others as well, if that’s fine. :)))❤

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    1. Thank you so much BriN ! I was actually contemplating whether or not to post this. Feeling this wasn’t the right time for an “alternate perspective”. Happy I posted it now, after reading these wonderful comments ! 🙂
      And yes!! I would love it if you shared this with others. Thanks again!


      1. I know right! I too have a lott of posts in draft that I feel super hesitant about posting! But this way it’s really cool- because every appreciation would feel like a surprise and that’s really classy❤😁

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  3. Wow….Shreya, this was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed reading every bit of it! I loved how you personified Mother Earth and Corona – it made me think of this whole pandemic in a new, way more positive light! I also really love your Dad’s “human message” as well, it was so well-written. Can’t wait to for your next posts ❤ ❤ Take care!

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    1. Thanks a lot Faustina! That was the aim, to make people view it that way. I’m really happy I’ve achieved that 🙂 I showed your comment to my Dad, he says thanks with a huge smile 🙂 ❤


  4. It’s beautifully penned Shreya!!!
    Loved your post, will be reading all your works soon
    Thank you so much for following me, I have followed you back too.
    Stay in touch, hope to get more support from wonderful readers like you.
    Happy blogging😊.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and initiative to visit my blog, Ava ! Will definitely stay in touch. I’ve only read few of your posts so far and think they’re wonderful. It feels amazing, meeting you in the Blogosphere. I have *got* to add this. I really,really love your name 🙂 ❤


  5. hey Shreya, today my net pack got over, I got chance to read stories by you. really you have quite beautiful and interesting way of expressing things. I read about 5 to 6 of your stories, all were really good, I couldn’t miss the chance to follow your blog. I was waiting for my Wi-Fi connection. and I am so happy to present you with an award.Let the world know you. Congratulations

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    1. Thank you so much, Rishabh !
      More than the fact that you nominated me for the award, you waiting for your WiFi connection to be restored to follow me has given me encouragement beyond words.
      Thank you again, for the nomination and for making my day 🙂
      I will check the award out right away.


  6. Hi!

    C’ est bien écrit et cela résume parfaitement ce qui se passe dans le monde:
    La Terre est malade de ce que les hommes lui font et malheureusement seul le coronavirus semble amorcer un début de changement de comportement de l’humanité.
    Mais cela va-t-il durer?
    L’ homme peut être capable du meilleur comme du pire.
    Même je veux croire en la sagesse inhérente de l’ homme.

    Très belle pensée du coronavirus !:)

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  7. Thank you 😀
    Yes, the earth is indeed fed up of our ways.”Will it last?” is exactly the question I’m having about our changed ways.
    We’ve all got to believe in ourselves, there is no other go.
    It makes me very happy that you took the time to read and comment. Thank you so much. 😀

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  8. A superb piece of writing and really good to share.

    I feel like knocking people’s heads together and making them wake up to the reality of this virus (and other pandemics before this).

    ….. and if they put another advert on tv with people clapping in supposed support of the doctors and healthcare workers I feel like I’ll go crazy. This is not a joke. This is not a performance in which you clap at the end of the night in celebration.

    If the government wants to praise the healthcare workers, why not give them a pay rise which they deserve. Why not train more doctors and healthcare workers for the country towns which are so short on healthcare and regional hospitals.

    There are many lessons to be learned from 2019/2020.

    Give global warming and economic change the serious consideration it needs. Now. Not by 2030 or 2050 (is my advice).

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it.

      I agree. The people of our country are clapping with the idea that we’re celebrating the end of the virus, when actually it’s getting worse and worse.

      The motive behind clapping is to spread positive energy and a sense of togetherness. There’s nothing wrong with clapping from the comfort of your house. It angers me that there are such misinformed people that they go to the streets and make a racket to show their “support” when they’re making things so much worse by going outside their houses.

      But just clapping isn’t going to bring a change. The healthcare workers need to be given proper and sufficient equipment. A pay rise for them when our economic situation is completely horrible isn’t the way to go now. The money can be spent on other things like increasing the number of patients being tested.

      I am not a BJP supporter or anything of that sort. I am not even inclined towards politics at the moment but I do know one thing- this is not the time to criticise. People are working hard to bring a change. Mistakes have been made, yes. But what is constant criticism going to do ? Constructive criticism, that helps, yes. The government made a mistake when they made all of us clap.. they did not expect that the people would celebrate as if the virus had been eradicated from the country. They had the right motive- to spread positivity and let everyone understand that we’re all in this together.

      Hope we all learn lessons from this pandemic and just like you said, learn them now.

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      1. Yes, Shreya, I’m Australian and we don’t clap at all, but I’ve seen many overseas folk clapping on the international news.

        We’re lucky in regards to protective equipment and have millions of masks, head shields, full body disposable gowns and so on in our warehouses. Our Government is constantly replenishing our stocks. I can’t remember the exact figures our Premier quoted in yesterday’s daily update, but it was something like 98 million masks in the warehouse in reserve..

        I bought a pack of 50 disposable masks from the local chemist about 2 weeks ago and they are available everywhere. I already had some from my local medical clinic. Defintiely no shortage. As I’m sure you would have heard masks are manadatory in Victoria Australia and we have a curfew 8.00-5.00 in an attempt to stop folk going out and socialising and we are in complete dockdown for the next 6 weeks to try and reduce our 2nd wave.

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  9. I wonder what Earth and Corona think of all the rioting in the U.S.A.—-happening now.
    Rioters and looters are out on the streets randomly destroying things: Burning buildings, breaking glass, defacing property, stealing from others, etc.
    They have complete disregard for other people, for earth, and for Corona.
    I don’t know how this story is going to resolve, but it seems to be heading towards a very unhappy ending.
    I am concerned!

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