The Most Underrated Animal

Wondering which animal I’m talking about ? Well, I guess you already know, from the picture. Donkeys. They’re considered one of the dumbest animals to walk the planet. There are an uncountable number of stories to illustrate just this – the donkey and the dog, the merchant’s donkey, the washerman’s donkey and so on. Most of which are passed on to children from their grandparents’ bedtime stories or children’s magazines. And to a child , neither the magazines nor their grandparents can ever be wrong. I think that these stories were made to develop morals in children, but were seriously misunderstood by the listeners. In a child’s mind, the donkey becomes a symbol of stupidity and it stays forever.

I was under this impression too , until a few hours ago , when a donkey followed me everywhere , wanting me to pet it. I petted it for as long as I could , and it moved forward and backward , directing me to pet it in the places it felt like being petted. With its long ears and big, beautiful eyes , it melted my heart. I wanted to stay there , petting it forever. When I moved away from the field just a few steps , it ran towards me and positioned itself right below my hand. I couldn’t just walk away. I petted it some more and moved away from the field , only to get followed by the donkey again. After this happened around 3-4 times, I thought to myself “Your next blog is about this donkey. Write about how misunderstood these creatures are. “, and here I am!

Let us assume donkeys’ IQ is pretty low. But what does it matter ? I could see the way it looked at me, and very rarely have I ever seen that much love in anyone’s eyes. I honestly think that if not for these misunderstood stories and stereotypes, the donkey would be man’s best friend.

The general (and completely wrong) idea that we humans have about all animals in general has also made us insult the people we don’t like with the names of these animals. “Buffalo ! Monkey ! Donkey ! Pig ! ” Let me tell you something- you are only praising the people you detest by calling them these names, for there are no sweeter creatures than these. If you really want to insult someone, you have a variety of words to choose from which aren’t the names of animals.

11 thoughts on “The Most Underrated Animal

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  1. How do you write all this random stuff? Wow. It’s so much better than the typical everyday rambling that most people do!

    So quirky. Keep blogging.XX😁

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  2. Donkey’s are AMAZING animals and I’m so happy you wrote a post about them!!! Back in middle school, I did a project on them and I learned so much. They are definitely underappreciated and this was such a lovely post 😉

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